WSO–Certified Safety Instructor Senior Level, WSO-CSI (SL): This program identifies and requires demonstrated proficiency in four types of presentations: formal briefing, informal briefing; verbal report, and classroom instruction. Additionally, development and preparation of audio-visual aids and “class action synergy” will be stressed.
An application package must contain the following:
  1.  Professional recommendations by at least 2 supervisory personnel and 2 persons who have received training from the certification applicant.
  2. Skills demonstration as verified by personal presentation and a video presentation judged appropriately by a Verification Committee consisting of at least three WSO members holding academic degrees, a professional certification and recognized by the Certification Board as having personal skills and demonstrated proficiency in the area of student training and program development.
  3. Development and presentation of a accepted paper/program at an annual WSO conference or program with recommendations from the Verification Committee.
  4. All applicants must be an affiliate member of the WSO.

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