WSO–Certified Hazardous Materials Supervisor, WSO-CHMS. Written examination required. Learn more about the exam here
A) Objective: Provide evaluation of the professional knowledge, skills and expertise of an individual who will supervise the stor-age and handling of hazardous materials/waste and/or be responsible for the operations of two or more emergency response teams capable of responding to single or multiple hazardous materials incidents, or provides supervision of storage/handling of hazardous materials.

B) Certification Requirements:  An applicant must be 
  • a current Affiliate Member of the WSO, 
  • be of good moral character, 
  • meet application requirements, 
  • satisfy the educational and experience criteria, 
  • pay the required fees, and 
  • pass the written examination.

C) Requirements for International Certification: Must successfully completed Levels I and II or their equivalent plus serving at least one year in a hazardous materials response or operations program. Completion of an advanced level training program of approximately 40 to 60 hours in the following general areas: Learn more about exam referent books

  • Hazardous materials regulation to include EPA, DOT, OSHA,
  • FEMA and other pertinent agencies
  • Incident reports and communications
  • Evaluation of programs and procedures
  • Incident/emergency pre-planning
  • Incident site command
  • Resources for incident aid and assistance
  • Recording and documentation procedures
  • Purchasing sources and practices
  • Storage and handling of hazardous materials
  • Principles of safety management
  • Safety personnel management
  • Organization and structuring of safety departments
  • Supervision of hazardous materials operations
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