WSO–Certified Safety Manager, WSO-CSM.  Written examination required. Learn more about the exam here
A) Objective: A safety practitioner who accomplishes the supervision and management work of safety activities at the middle manager’s level. He/she enforces policies and safety programs, supervises training, and occasionally performs functions of a technical nature in the safety field. He/she is responsible for the coordination of safety programs with all elements of an organization in order to secure the most effective results through and with other people. He/she is responsible for suggesting program or policy changes as they pertain to safety. Under crisis conditions, he/she will develop and implement special programs as the situation requires. He/she must have adequate knowledge and expertise in both management and safety to accomplish his/her mission.
B) Certification Requirements:  An applicant must be 
  • a current Affiliate Member of the WSO, 
  • be of good moral character, 
  • meet application requirements, 
  • satisfy the educational and experience criteria, 
  • pay the required fees, and 
  • pass the written examination.
C) Application Requirements: 
  • All applications for certification shall be on forms prescribed and furnished by the WSO Certification Board. 
  • Processing shall conform with procedures prescribed by the WSO Certification Board. 
  • All applicants must be affiliate members of the WSO. He or she must fill out the application for certification, have two “Candidate Evaluations” from individuals familiar with the applicants safety experience, and a current resume must be submitted to the WSO Certification Board.
D) Experience Requirements: An applicant must have at least ten years of professional safety experience, or a combination of education and experience to equal 10 years (see below for education equivalents).
D.1) Experience Requirements/Equivalents:
  • A Candidate for certification with a Bachelor’s degree is equivalent to 01 year of the experience requirements. The degree should be in safety, i.e., physical sciences, engineering, safety management, security, or other curricula acceptable to the WSO Certification Board.
  • A Master’s degree acceptable to the WSO Certification Board may be recognized as equivalent to 02 additional years of professional safety work.
  • A Doctorate degree, acceptable to the WSO Certification Board, may be recognized as equivalent to 03 additional years of safety experience.
  • Relevant professional licensing, certification or registration may be recognized by the WSO Certification Board as equivalent for up to 02 years of professional experience.
The above experience equivalents shall be acceptable at the highest level and shall not be cumulative.
E) Written Examination Requirements:Applicants who meet the application, academic, experience, and general requirements, submit required fees, and are approved by the WSO Certification Board, must take the written or online examination. The applicant will be tested in all of the areas indicated for the respective designations.
The written examination/online for the WSO–Certified Safety Manager covers the following areas: Learn more about exam referent books
  • Safety and Loss Control Science, 
  • Risk Management, 
  • Occupational Safety and Health, 
  • Safety Law and Legislation (applicable country), 
  • Professional Ethics, and Management Science.

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