WSO–Certified Safety Technician (WSO-CST). Written examination on basic safety knowledge requires
A) ObjectiveWSO-CST is an entry level designation for specialists in safety related disciplines, i.e.: fire science, industrial hygiene, occupational safety and health, nuclear safety, loss control, etc. (This designation is not a prerequisite for other WSO professional certifications)
B) Application Requirements: An applicant must be 
  • a current WSO Affiliate Member, 
  • be of good moral character, 
  • meet application requirements, 
  • satisfy the educational and experience criteria, and submit the required fees. 
  • All applications for certification shall be on forms prescribed and furnished by the Board. Processing shall conform with procedures prescribed by the Board. This is the only WSO designation awarded by “Certification through Documentation.”
C) General Requirements:
1. A Bachelor degree in Safety or associated discipline and current employment in a safety position; or
2. An Associate degree in Safety or an associated discipline, three years field experience in safety, and currently employed in a safety position; or
3. Five years field experience in safety or associated discipline and currently employed in a safety position.
D) Special Requirements: The applicant must be an affiliate member of the WSO. The applicant must complete an Application for Certification form and provide two “Candidate Evaluations” from individuals familiar with applicant’s work in safety. Individuals just completing college or university degree programs must provide recommendations from two of their instructors/professors.
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