WSO–Certified Hazardous Materials Technician Level II, WSO-CHMT II. Written Examination required. Learn more about the exam here
A) Objective
: To evaluate the skills and professional expertise of a hazardous materials worker, insuring competency in handling hazardous materials at an identifiable level.
B) Application Requirements: An applicant must be 
  1. a current WSO Affiliate Member, 
  2. be of good moral character, 
  3. meet application requirements, 
  4. satisfy the educational and experience criteria, and submit the required fees. 
  5. All applications for certification shall be on forms prescribed and furnished by the Board. Processing shall conform with procedures prescribed by the Board. This is the only WSO designation awarded by “Certification through Documentation.”
C) Requirements for International Certification -Level II:
Successfully completed the Level I program or its equivalent and served a 6 months internship working in a hazardous materials program. Completion of an advanced level training program of approximately 140 to 150 hours in the following general areas: Learn more about exam referent books
  1. Basic Chemistry.
  2. Basic Toxicology.
  3. Elements of operation and incident management.
  4. Theory of chemical elements, mixture, compounds, solutions and other variations.
  5. Physical and chemical characteristics of the following hazardous material types: Combustible, explosive, toxic and flammable.
  6. Methods of control, containment, and handling of hazardous materials.
  7. Storage, patching and repair of containers.
  8. Detection of hazardous materials.
  9. Herbicides, pesticides and farm chemicals.
  10. Protective clothing and equipment decontamination’s materials.
  11. Procedures for handling the following hazardous materials incidents: Fixed facility, marine, rail, vehicular, pipeline, tank, clandestine labs, nuclear.

D) Minimum Experience Requirements:

  1. The WSO International Hazardous Materials Certification Program, Levels II requires a minimum training time of approximately 2 weeks to a maximum of 20 weeks extending over one to two years (including internship time). 
  2. The Level II can be achieved in approximately nineteen training weeks (five days per week, eight hours per day) and a six months internship.
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